Dear  MSC, 
I want to thank you  for making my vacation week and sailing school experience a pleasure beyond my most optimistic expectations.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and look forward to many future days of sailing out of the Marblehead Sailing Center. 
 The race turned out to be an exciting, beautiful and fitting climax to a grand week of sailing and meeting new friends that has enriched the memories my life.  And I have an idea the experiences of this week have already begun to change the future for me in ways that have put it on a very favorable tack indeed. Thanks again to you both and I look forward to seeing you again soon. 

Good Luck and God bless. 

Roger Brooks 

    I want to thank you for sharing your expertise with me. 
As you know last spring I had the privelage of being in one of your first classes.  This was all new to me as I've never been on a sail boat in my 37 years.  Your instruction gave me the confidence to sail on my 
own.  I purchased a day sailor (Crocker 20) and was moored in Salem harbor.  I was nervous the first time out since my  boat does not have a motor.  It's totally amazing to think I could sail on and off a mooring 
and in and out of a full harbor with out the assistance of power in my first season. I was also picked up as a crew member on (Shadowfax) which is an Express 37.  We raced all summer with different crew at times and they can't believe this was my first season. 
    I owe it all to Marblehead Sailing Center for giving me the skills as well as the confidence to believe. 
                                                     Take care, 
                                                       Rob Davis 

Thank you for a fantastic week of sailing. You, your staff, and your fleet combined to provide an extremely enjoyable and educational experience. From Monday morning, when I didn't know how 
to get the boat off of the mooring and out of the harbor, to Friday afternoon, when I had complete confidence in my daysailing abilities, I had a blast. I look forward to continuing with a Marblehead Sailing Center membership and advanced instruction. Again, many thanks to you for a perfect week. 


Jeff Tehan 

I would like to thank you very much for a fantastic educational week 
of sailing well beyond my greatest expectations.   Dennis provided us with a very comfortable and enjoyable sailing environment. Your superb fleet of boats including the J27 and the Sonar 23 were 
fantastic boats that were very rewarding vessels.  From Monday morning I began to learn many valuable sailing skills that helped to further develop my sailing ability.   The weather conditions were perfect throughout the whole week of our sailing extravaganza. 
    I look forward to continuing my involvement with Marblehead Sailing Center and further membership opportunities.   Thanks again  for a fantastic week and I hope to see you on the water. 
Best Regards, 
Ben Abramson 

I very much enjoyed meeting and working with you at the A.S.A. training site. You are a great sailor and instructor! I hope we see you at the Rolex Regatta this year?   
Pat Nolan 
A.S.A. Instructor/Evaluator 
Sistership Sailing School 

1600 miles of offshore sailing, three storms, no place to hide, both Jim and the boat came though like champs! I would sail anywhere in the world with this Captain.   
Racey Gilbert 
Sailling Fazisi Bermuda - Newport

We had a wonderful time sailing with you guys in the Virgin Islands this winter, We hope  to sail with you in back  Marblehead  this summer.   
Mark & Sue Willard 

You guys made learning to sail fun, we still can't get over  how much fun we had or the level of sailing skills at Marblehead Sailing Center, wow!   
Tony & Karen Cassidy 

Possitive upbeat attitudes and sense of humor made learning to sail a joy...   
Bob & Linda Glynis 

Y ou guys are the greatest!!! I had a wonderful time and appreciate everyone being so nice and friendly to a stranger, that was the best of it all!! I wanted to say "thank you" a 1000 times....  
Tell everyone ( Roger, Lori, Joyce, Eddie, Jim Corky,  Brian, Joy, Lynn, George, Kim**) hello!!!!!  
 David McDowell   

Jim is a natural, as a sailor and a teacher.  Right away, he was able to 
teach to my level.  He was encouraging and fun and shared his passion for being on the water.  After each lesson, he left me with one technique to consider--a practice that I found very helpful.  Most importantly, I had a great time on his boat, whether I was getting an official lesson or out for a pleasure sail with family."  Bill Jackson, Bethesda, MD" 

I can't say enough good things about learning to sail at MSC. 
Being a complete rookie to the sport of sailing, I really appreciated 
the way Jim seasoned his sailing lessons with a great deal of 
friendliness and patience, not to mention extensive knowledge of the 
sport. My experience with Jim confirmed a hunch that I have had for a 
many years before I finally decided to give it a try:  Sailing is a 
blast! - And I'm forever hooked! if I could just remember what 
Jim said about those accidental Jibes...    Grant Hoofnagle 

" I had never sailed before and had no idea what would be taught. Over the 5 days, Jim covered numerous aspects of sailing and gave us plenty of opportunity to learn by actually doing the things he taught us. I rate Jim's performance as A-1."    

Don Day  

Thanks for your confidence in us.  We really had a great time, and I thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and your "quiet" professional demeanor. As Nicole and I talk about our adventures on the water, we found that we worked hard, had many laughs, and really learned how to sail! 
Jane Eydenberg 

I and my family had the pleasure to sail with Captain Jim 
Ouellette last year.  We accompanied him on a trip from West Palm Beach to the British Virgin Islands via the Bahamas and Puerto Rico, in total almost 2000 miles logged. 
    Having sailed most of my life, and possessing my 100 
Ton Masters License, I have had the opportunity to accompany hundreds of seamen, sailing many bodies of water from the Atlantic, Baltic Sea, Great Lakes to the Caribbean, both off shore and near shore.  Many of these persons possessed a Captain's license, however, Jim Ouellette is by far one of the most competent of Captains that I have ever encountered. 
    Captain Ouellette is exceptional in the fact that he took the time to "teach" not preach.  Our sons, who each sailed with Jim, consider his tutelage on board his vessel the best sea training they have ever experienced.  I personally regard him with great admiration and esteem. 

Captain Timothy Hermes 

It was an honor to Race  with you at Key West Race Week 2000, your presence and knowledge were a true comfort on the boat! 
Timmy Dow 

" A great week. (Aug 9-13) It was alot of fun. Vivian, Phyllis and I enjoyed chatting over drinks at the club, overlooking the lovely harbor. It was a nice end to the week."      
Maggie Birkemose  

We would love to hear from you, Please send us your comments! 




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